Solar Sales: Great Cause, Great Bonus

Location: Washington, DC

Employer: Neighborhood Sun Benefit Corp.

Solar Sales Summary

Neighborhood Sun offers Maryland residents the opportunity to buy solar electricity from nearby solar farms for less than their current electric rate and without switching utilities. It’s the best solar sales pitch on the market, and we pay $12 per hour plus $100 per close. 

Solar Sales Responsibilities

Your primary goal of your summer job will be to recruit Maryland residents to subscribe to large, community solar projects that will save them money while saving the environment.  In the process, you will:
  • Become an expert on community solar and how it works
  • Engage with Maryland residents to build excitement about community solar
  • Help interested consumers walk through the enrollment process and answer questions
  • Become an ealry expert in the field of community solar sales

Solar Sales Qualifications

  • like the idea of doing good while doing well financially
  • want to offer people something that genuinely helps them financially and provides them a way to live their values through their every day purchases
  • see the opportunity in getting in on the ground floor of a whole new solar sales market – community solar
  • are energetic and highly articulate
  • Wear resiliency and tenacity on your sleeves.

Solar Sales Pay and Benefits

We will pay $12 per hour, plus $100 for each sign-up you get. This is a seasonal (May to August) full time job opportunity.

This is a fantastic opportunity to earn money and develop incredible communications skills that will serve you in any career you choose

About Neighborhood Sun Benefit Corp.

  • want to change the world through our business
  • are a start-up where everyone knows the CEO and everyone knows how the company is doing
  • care more about your intelligence and values than your experience
  • thrive with the excitement of a start-up
Neighborhood Sun is a solar sales start-up, led by seasoned clean energy executives, and founded by Gary Skulnik. Prior to his current role, Gary founded two entities focused exclusively on marketing clean energy, Clean Currents, a socially responsible for-profit and the Clean Energy Partnership, a nonprofit.  As President of Clean Currents, Gary ran the entire sales and marketing side of the business, which grew to reach $22mm in annual revenue. Most importantly, Gary developed and managed the Clean Currents brand, which became the strongest, most authentic green brand in the energy space in the Mid Atlantic.

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