Activist Job: Social Justice Job (Brooklyn)

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Employer: Center for Popular Democracy Action

Activist Job Summary

We are looking for highly motivated activists who are ready to join the resistance! All leaders will join us in launching our biggest campaign yet: End The War On Drugs. The War on Drugs has created enormous barriers to housing, healthcare, employment and other basic rights for low-income people who are active or former drug users, while also increasing their risk for overdose, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDs and other health problems. Despite relatively equal rates of drug use across race and ethnicity, people of color are disproportionately targeted for enforcement activities such as police harassment, arrest, and incarceration. VOCAL-NY and it’s members are ready to mobilize and resist the 45th President in order to preserve past victories, and continue to moving forward against the War on Drugs.

Activist Job Responsibilities

Our team of leaders in activist jobs will be responsible for educating the public and building membership for our non-profit organization, as well as, getting supporters engaged and excited for a positive future for communities across New York. All activist job applicants should be comfortable raising money. Hiring for Full-time positions. This is a new campaign job, so take advantage of advancement opportunities available to those who perform well and show strong leadership skills.

Activist Job Qualifications

* Strong customer service and client building skills.
* Strong face-to-face communication skills.
* Ability to stand on your feet for periods of time.
* Ability to work in a team.
* Eligible to work in the United States.
* Ability to read, write and communicate sufficiently to perform Activist job functions.
* High School diploma, GED, or equivalent experience.
* Experience in a non-profit setting.
* Experience working in politics, or an education in sociopolitical issues.
* Experience canvassing, phone banking, or working on a political campaign Activist job.
* Experience in a social justice job or activist job preferred, but not required.

Activist Job Pay and Benefits

$15 per hour

Our activists can realistically expect to make $1,600 - $2,200 a month including base pay and opportunity to bonus.

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